How I messed up regarding Christian Walker.

Herschel Walker’s Georgia Senate campaign has more scandals attached to it than a Kerry Washington TV drama. And at the beginning of those scandals – especially the ones involving Walker’s parentage of other children with other women, one of his most strident supporters was his son Christian Walker.

And eventually, as Herschel Walker moved forward with his Senatorial campaign, his son Christian was there by his side.

And one by one, the reports of Herschel Walker having kids out of wedlock with other women. Reports of Walker being violently abusive to his wife, Christian’s mother. And the recent reports of Walker paying for a woman’s abortion in 2009 (apparently The Daily Beast garnered the receipts).

And now … Christian Walker is tweeting a different tune.

And Christian Walker wasn’t done. He recorded videos and sent more tweets and tore his father apart faster than the NFL defenses.

And when someone asked on Twitter asked about Christian Walker’s statements, I responded thusly.

Now there’s two different ways someone can discuss things on Twitter. One can go with name-calling and profanity and other putrid vulgarities.

This response, however, caught me off-guard and made me realize that I was not thinking from Christian Walker’s perspective.

And that’s where I made the mistake. I didn’t take into account that Christian Walker was a survivor of physical abuse at the hands of his father. And that physical abuse can make a person do things that are contrary to what others might do in that situation. It’s the same thing as saying to a battered spouse, “Well, why don’t you just leave?” It’s not that easy to just pack up and go, especially when there’s fear that the abuse could escalate.

And sometimes if you’re in an abused situation, you tend to do whatever it takes to keep the abuser from increasing the abuse. I mean, I handled it differently, but that was me. I distanced myself from those abusers. But other people might not have those same avenues.

In other words, I made a bad assumption. And I take the blame for that. I should know better and will strive to be better going forward.

As for Herschel Walker …

Yeah, I still have nothing for him. Other than I hope that his wife and son, along with the children he produced, finally get the peace they deserve.