Hamilton College in Modern Stereoscopy

Okay. No going back now.

I’ve got everything lined up. My dual Nikon Df setup, along with two matching Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D “Nifty Fifty” lenses. And all I need to do is find a suitable subject or subjects to photograph.

You know what? I bet the fall foliage looks swank in Clinton this time of year.

Yep. Road trip to Hamilton College, my alma mater.

Before I left for Oneida County, I checked everything on both cameras. I needed total similarity with both shooters. Anything that didn’t completely match up would look “off” when putting the stereocards together.

And off we go.

I arrived in Clinton at around noontime. There was a light wisp in the clouds, and some of the trees were already in full fall foliage.

Okay. Let’s set everything up. Nikon Df Silver on the right, Nikon Df Black on the left. A couple of quick shots to test.

Hmm. Something’s not right.

A quick re-check of all the equipment. Oops. I had the ISO on the silver camera at 800, and the ISO on the black camera at 100. Switched both of them to ISO 400. Checked the shutter speed at 1:250 apiece. F-stop at a sunny 16.

Now let’s do this.

Holy Oliver Wendell Holmes, Batman. This looks swank. Much better than my dual Nikon EM attempts from years ago.

I rotated the camera and figured … if I’m going to shoot at Hamilton College, why not get a shot or two of the man whose initial investment provided the college with its name? Yep, long before he became a Broadway musical, Alexander Hamilton lent money to what was at that time an educational school for Oneida children – the original name of Hamilton College was Hamilton Oneida Academy.

And at this angle, I’ve got a nice red-leafed tree in the background.

Let’s do this.

Okay. Dual Nikon Df system works. Chuck is happy.

I’ll run another test later today at another pair of my suitable shooting locations. Hopefully I’ll strike lightning in a bottle again.

We shall see. 😀