Saratoga Springs in Modern Stereoscopy.

So I fixed an issue from last Saturday’s stereoscopy experiments.

I thought I had both of my Nikon Df cameras perfectly calibrated. Nope. The Silver Df was set for sunshine white balance, while the Black Df, for some reason, was tuned to a Kelvin white balance. Which makes sense, I think the last time I used the black Df was during the lunar eclipse.

No matter. All is now good. Both cameras are tuned properly.

And let’s get some test shots.

In this case, I went to one of my regular shooting targets, the Saratoga, Corinth & Hudson Railway. Last week’s Adirondack foliage had a good blaze to it; yesterday’s foliage was spot-on.

I got this photo as the train crosses the bisection of Hamilton Avenue and West Mountain Road. Notice that the train bridge still has the words “DELAWARE AND HUDSON” on its sides, the original name of the rail line on which the SC&H now travels.

Again, remember – relax your gaze and you’ll see the two images blend into one.

My next shot was a short trip down the line; near the intersection of Route 9N and Heath Road. This was based on a shot I took last week; this time, however, things were more successful. Yes.

This is good. You can see the perspective of the weeds in the foreground. Chuck likes.

After that, I went over to the harness track and took some stereoscopic photos there. That included workout shots, where horses run clockwise around the track for warmups before their race…

And then some race starts …

And some other racing action.

Now, you might have noticed that yesterday’s stereoscopic tests were printed on blue backgrounds, while the Saratoga series exists on red backgrounds. There’s a reason for this. I’m contemplating the possibility of creating several stereoscopic photo runs, which when combined can be presented as its own distinct artwork.

Heck, if I get a good seven-image run, I could submit them as printable limited-edition View-Master reels. Now how cool is that??

Yes. That cool. 😀