Attending BUILT 2022

I arrived at the Argus Hotel on Thurlow Terrace at around 6:00 p.m. And the place was already packed.

Such is the case with Historic Albany Foundation’s BUILT charitable auction. BUILT is HAF’s biggest fundraiser, it encompasses artwork as created by the Capital District’s creative talent, and showcases architecture and history as seen through those artists’ eyes. This is my 13th consecutive participation in BUILT, and for me it’s an enjoyment beyond belief.

Over 300 artworks are spread throughout the hotel, and it takes some time and dedication to see them all – but it’s worth doing so. There are some incredible pieces here, and you really need to experience what the Capital District’s art scene has available.

Can’t make it to the Argus? Bidding is now online, and the auctions run until Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. Here’s the link. Bid early and bid often.

Now if you’re looking for my artworks, well, so was I. The two Green Island artworks were placed together on a stairwell…

If you want to place your specific bids on these two treasures, here’s the link for McGowan Hose, and here’s the link for St. Joseph’s Church.

And not far away was my three-ribbon winner, We Serve Wayward Strangers.

If you want that for your living room or office or whatnot, it’s also available for bid at this link.

I should note that BUILT’s opening night also brought many of Albany’s political movers and shakers. Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan stopped by, as did State Assemblyman John McDonald (who I think parked next to me in the parking lot, and who I think ALSO rocks a Chevrolet Volt like all good people should).

Also showing up? Paul Tonko, our representative in Congress. This is your biannual reminder to vote for Paul Tonko this Tuesday. I’m Chuck Miller, and I approved this message.

Oh, and that little gold-colored circle on my jacket? That’s my 2022 BUILT artist’s pin. Another one for the collection. I have a pin now for each year of participation, with the exception of 2013 (the pin fell off and disappeared), and 2017-2018 (no pins made). Because the 2013 pin disappeared, I stopped wearing all my previous pins each year; I now have the pins on display in a small shadowbox in my home. And this pin will join them. 😀

BUILT runs through Sunday, November 6. You can bid on all the artworks online; but I do encourage you to visit the show and take in all the amazing artwork close-up and first-hand.

Of course, now I’m getting ideas for BUILT 2023. You know I am. Heck, there’s a certain latched hook rug that’s already stitched in for 2023.

So let’s do this.

Seriously. Let’s do this.