Thanks to Elon Musk, I’ve moved to Mastodon.

It was a good eleven years with Twitter. But I’ve moved on.

I could live with Elon Musk buying the company. I could hold my nose when he turned Twitter into a hate speech free-for-all.

Then he unbanned Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

That’s the final straw.

And as much as I would LOVE to theoretically “stay and fight” Twitter, I know it’s a losing cause. And after a three-day trial at the Tribel Social site (which I left because of their Draconian “Terms of Service” rules), I’ve moved on to Mastodon.

If you want to reach me, I’m at Stop by, let me know you found me with this blog, and we can follow each other.

See, here’s the short. I don’t need Twitter’s Musk-scented algorithm force-feeding me crap from people I don’t want to see, just because some of my friends follow them. I don’t need to see Elise Stefanik’s fealty to Donald Trump because two of my Twitter connections follow her. I don’t need to see Ms. “Thy Kingdom Come, I Do Be Dumb” Lauren Boebert because someone else acknowledges her existence.

And since Elon Musk can ban and un-ban people at his own personal whim … Hell, I’ve even heard that people are now noticing that they’re “following” Trump, even when they never requested to do so.

Screw it.

So here’s how this will work, going forward. My will no longer automatically post to Twitter. I’ve returned my Twitter account to private status, and will be posting very, very infrequently at that portal. My personal mental health is more important than Elon Musk’s ego.

Or to put it in the words of Elon Musk’s native language, Afrikkans …

Ek het Elon Musk nie in my lewe nodig nie.