Bachelor Cooking: Stort’s Frito Pie

Sometimes you can create tasty meals on the fly, especially when your dinner prep time is virtually non-existent.

Case in point. On days when I’m driving home from the day job, I’ll stop at one of the four Stewart’s along my route home. (No, I didn’t misspell anything in the headline, the proper pronunciation of the local convenience store will rhyme with “sports” and “shorts” and “skorts”.) And inevitably, one of them will have a nice piping hot tureen of chili ready for scooping and purchase.

Well, at one point I thought that the chili needed a little extra something. And for some reason, I had already purchased a bag of Fritos.

Yep. You can follow along with this. As I ate some of the chili out of my cup, I sprinkled in some crushed Fritos and stirred them into the remaining chili. Actually tasted quite good, gave the chili some extra body and texture.

Now you can add your own mix-ins if you like – maybe some shredded cheese (it’s over in the dairy aisle) or some Tabasco sauce (yep, Stewart’s sells Tabasco sauce). Want to add a few other treats? Maybe mix in some peanuts or some crushed Doritos (not the cool ranch ones, it makes the chili taste a bit twee).

Trust me, it never hurts to have some comfort food nearby when you could use some serious comfort. You know – in those moments when you get that miserable feeling from outside circumstances that makes you want to crawl into a corner and contemplate whether it’s worth coming out for a few weeks? Stort’s Frito Pie will help ameliorate that feeling.

Stewart’s should sell this concoction with a perfect tagline. “Stort’s Frito Pie. Just because the world treats you like shit, doesn’t mean we will.” 😀