A homemade View-Master® reel featuring one of my favorite subjects of 2022.

It arrived in the mail yesterday. Well, five of them, along with viewers. I shipped three off to special recipients as Christmas presents, and I’m keeping two – one to care and one for a spare.

It’s my homemade View-Master® compatible reel and viewer.

Wanna see?

Yes you do.

That’s right. These shots from my three-day Canadian Pacific Holiday Train trip are now memorialized on a tiny little plastic film substrate. And man oh man … this looks incredible.

Here’s a representation of one of the images, just to give you an idea of what it looks like without having a viewer in your hands. Simply relax your gaze until you see the two trains merge into one single entity.

Yeah. Now just imagine that six more times.

This is why I traveled with two Nikon Df cameras and a digital synchronous shutter, so I could capture this in all its spectacular three-dimensional glory. And man oh man, this works out well for me.

I’m definitely building more of these, as I’ve blogged last week, I can capture regular photos with this double-camera setup and then, as an added perk, turn them into View-Master®-compatible products.

Much thanks to the good people at Retroviewer USA for their assistance in turning this concept into a reality. A happy little reality, IMHO.

Can you tell I’m having fun right now? Big smiles and all? 😀

NOTE: View-Master® is a registered trademark owned by Mattel.  All rights reserved.  The Stereo Viewing Master Discs created from my photographs, while compatible with vintage Sawyer’s and GAF View-Master® viewers, were not produced by either Mattel or View-Master®.

FTC NOTICE: At no time did I receive, nor request, any special discounts or considerations with regard to referencing this project in my blog.