A possibility in Wyoming

So …

After last week’s attempt to enter a gallery show with my photos fell flat, I resolved to try again.

In an effort to add opportunities for my photos, I submitted three of my black-and-white images – my dew-soaked dandelion After the Rain, my Infrared Toll Gate Ice Cream shot We Serve Wayward Strangers, and my Milky Way shot over the Rexleigh Covered Bridge Washington County, 2:30 a.m. to a “call for art” in Wyoming.

As you can see … if all goes well, I should receive an email from the gallery by December 20th.

Well … the response actually came on December 16th. Four days early.

Hey, maybe they liked my work to the point where they didn’t want to wait.

Um … not quite.

Chuck Miller:

I regret to inform you that the entries listed above were not invited into SAGE’s 8th Annual Juried Photography Show.
Thank you for your participation and being a part of elevating the caliber of work shown in this exhibit.
As [the judge] reflected on the jurying process, he emphasized how diversely interesting the entries were and noted that there were many works of great depth and quality that unfortunately did not quite make the cut but was a very competitive pool of submissions. I hope this serves as encouragement to continue with your work and submissions to juried shows.
The 8th Annual Juried Photography Show will be on display from January 24 to March 4, 2023 in SAGE’s exhibition gallery located at 21 W. Brundage Street in Sheridan, WY. I invite you to view the exhibit, either in person or online …
Again, thank you for your entry and for supporting the arts in Sheridan and Wyoming.

Ugh. They didn’t even wait until December 20th to give me the bad news. They kicked my ass to the curb as fast as they could.

Okay. Two submissions, two flops.

Let’s try this again. I’m sure there’s another art show out there that would welcome a Chuck Miller artwork.



I hope.