So I don’t have to wait until Easter after all??

Earlier this month, I cashed in the lion’s share of my General Motors loyalty points for a set of custom floor mats for my 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier (“Lightning’s Girl”). I ordered the mats, got confirmation that my order was received – and then 20 minutes later, was told that my order was backordered.

Now at the time, I went into a blog-rant about what would happen first – the floor mats arriving, or Easter.

Well, sometimes things work out for the best of all possible worlds.

And I say that because …

I received this tasty email yesterday.

Hello CHUCK MILLER – Good news. Your item … has been sent to DENOOYER CHEVROLET INC. and should be available to pick up within the next two business days. If you do not receive an email that your item is ready to be picked up within the next two business days, please don’t hesitate to contact the seller. Thank you for ordering from GM.

Wait … so you mean, when you told me it was backordered … it meant that you were going to have new stock available, and that you weren’t patting me on the head and sending me away?

I’m not used to this.

Trust me. In the past 13 years, I’ve chronicled companies and organizations treating me with utter contempt. Like the time Allstate threatened to cancel my car insurance because of a surprise $10 fee. Or the time Southwest Airlines completely destroyed my travel plans. Or the time a movie studio tried to undercut me for extra work performed in an Angelina Jolie movie. Or Bank of America designating “fast ATM’s” versus “slow ATM’s” so they can snag you for extra service fees. In other words, if you mess with Chuck Miller, you will be blogged about. I don’t care if you’re a multinational company or a private individual. I’ve long drifted past the “last fuck to give” phase in my life.

That being said … if the new floor mats are arriving at the Chevrolet dealership …

Perhaps it’s time to add a few things to Lightning’s Girl while I’m there. Like maybe some new windshield wipers and a replacement cabin filter. Never hurts, right?

And I can add the loyalty points from those purchases directly to my account … in case I want to get something else Volt-themed for my car.

So long as it doesn’t take three weeks from order to receipt. 😀