My son has rocks in his head. And that’s okay.

Never underestimate the determination of my son Kris.

I’ve learned that and I respect that.

Background. Years ago, while serving in the Army National Guard, Kris was trained as a computer specialist. He still knows his way around a computer today, although the computers of 2023 are more technologically diverse and specialized than those he trained on.

Kris also has developed a recent passion for lapidary arts – what the common person today might call rock tumbling. He’s gone into the woods, searched for rocks and stones, and then polishes them into smooth little treasures.

Well, Kris’ Facebook post of late has a hint into his plans for 2023.

As of last night, I figured my computer science degree is useless. with Windows 11 and the fact I haven’t used a laptop since my Macbook Air. I’m going to go back to school and get my bachelors in geology. Also the Army’s gonna pay for it. I love the fucking Army and the Army really loved fucking me.”

That’s my son. Plain and blunt.

But here’s the big takeaway from this. He’s going back to school. He’s going to get a diploma. It’s nothing take for granite. And suggesting otherwise might leave you full of schist.

I’m a dad, I’m allowed dad jokes.

But seriously … I’m proud of Kris. He’s gone through so much in his life, and to still contain this much determination and drive is completely admirable.

That’s definitely a good feeling.

So let’s start the new year off right.

Go get ’em, Kris.

You can and will do this.

Because you’re a Miller. Remember? Born of hearty stock.

Love, Dad.