So that’s what custom car mats look like.

So the mats finally arrived.


A month or so ago, I cashed in a ton of GM loyalty points on a set of branded floor mats. They would replace the stock rubber floor mats in my Chevrolet Volt, and would make my car look even nicer.

It just took a while for them to arrive. And then, when they did arrive, I was supposed to receive an e-mail from the dealership that they had arrived. Had to contact GM – who contacted the dealership – who contacted me, and yes, the mats were at the dealership, waiting for me.

Okay. Now for installation. I’m thinking I need some pliers and a claw hammer and a rivet gun and an ARC welder and whatnot.

Nope. Apparently the old rubber floor mats pop out … and the new textured rug mats snap right in, easy-peasey. And the undersides of the mats actually have a graphic that indicate which mat goes on which part of the car.

And in the end … I now have new sweet floor mats. What do you think?

Yeah. That’s Lightning’s Girl with some sweet floor mats.

I like this. Like like like this.

What can I say? I’ve owned Lightning’s Girl for almost a year now … let’s add a little cozy flair to my electrified chariot. 😀