“The Eagles would have won the Super Bowl, if Mike Pence had done the right thing.”

Man, oh man, it’s gotten to the point where people start whining about everything in a Super Bowl. Or they’re looking for trains that aren’t even on the schedule.

Case in point.

Lauren Boebert groused about Sheryl Lee Ralph’s powerful performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” because Boebert had a problem with what she felt were two national anthem performances.

So … wait … does that also mean that the performance of “America the Beautiful” was off limits, too?

But I keep forgetting. Boebert and the other knuckle-dragging navel-gazers use “woke” as a code word for what they really want to use, you know, that six-letter word that starts with “N” and ends rhyming with “trigger.”

And don’t even get me started on how many people had issues with Rihanna’s halftime performance – I mean, it was a decent show when you realize that her staging setup looked like the combat scene in the 1980’s video game Joust, but that’s the way things go.

Yeah, you figure he’d have a big problem with it. Trump’s still hoping they’ll hire Ted Nugent to do the next halftime show, with special guest vocalists Kevin Sorbo and Scott Baio and Kirk Cameron all harmonizing over a vocalese rendering of the QAnon theme song and bring on a dance troupe known as the 2000 Mules. I kid, I kid.

But the prize for most clueless take on the Super Bowl comes from former two-time Congressional candidate Liz Joy. For those who follow local politics, Liz Joy tried running for the local Congressional seat (NY-20), which has been held for several terms by Rep. Paul Tonko. Tonko does a great job as our representative, he does his job and that’s all we want.

Unfortunately, Liz has been running a campaign of “I hate Tonko / I hate Pelosi / I hate Biden / I love Trump” for the past four years. She was at the forefront of offering quack medical alternatives to COVID-19 vaccinations (she claimed to have cured several people by dispensing Ivermectin like she was a veterinarian at a sheep farm). She organized a bus trip to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, then claimed that the insurrection was a false flag caused by Black Lives Matter and the nebulous boogeyman Antifa.

I blocked her on Twitter a long, long time ago, long before I took my Twitter account private, where it remains today.

Unfortunately, you can’t really block screenshots. And when I saw this screenshot from one of my friends.

Oh. What a knee-slapper, Liz. Ha ha ha pfft.

This is about as funny as a loose fart in church. I’ve heard better jokes on Open Mic at Comedy Works from the guy who caught an old episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and thought they could recycle the gag and no one would notice.

The fact is, major events right now – like the Super Bowl, and surely the upcoming Academy Awards – will be magnets for these grievance provocateurs to continue airing their brain-dead takes and foul stenchy blowhardiness. You don’t think one of these chuds would make a snide joke if Everything Everywhere All At Once won the Best Picture Oscar? Or if, just for the sake of argument, “Naatu Naatu” from RRR took Best Song over whatever Disney released last year? Quel damage!

Yeah, I should have probably put down some money on a Super Bowl parlay – you know, a parlay that Donald Trump would get butthurt over a black woman singing at the Super Bowl, add on a parlay that Lauren Boebert would gnash her apple-eating-through-a-picket-fence teeth over Sheryl Lee Ralph, and add on a parlay that Liz Joy would release another airing of grievances like it was the Festivus version of Groundhog Day – and then combine that all with $25 on whether either team would have a field goal attempt that would bounce off a goal post.

And believe me … the goal post doink was the least likely occurrence that happened of those four together. Man, I would have won so much money on that bet …