The Tubi commercial that showed a red flag.

It was a simple 15-second commercial for Tubi, the free ad-supported streaming service.

That’s all it was. And it was actually a pretty sneaky commercial – for about a second, until you realize, oh wait, it’s just a commercial, ha ha, got me good, April Fool’s in February.

Here’s the commercial. Now to put the commercial in perspective, imagine that you’re watching the Super Bowl – most likely you’ve got some money on a decent parlay, or you’ve got several of your buddies over to watch the big game on your brand new flatscreen – and this commercial comes up.

Wait … hold on – someone’s changing the channel in the middle of the Super Bowl? To watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith on a streaming channel? Who’s got the remote? Who’s doing this right now? Oh wait, it’s just a Tubi commercial. Ha ha, you got me, let’s get back to the game.

Apparently though … some people didn’t get the joke.

But here’s the worst reaction to the Tubi interruption ad. Read this. Read this all the way. Then we will have a discussion afterwards.

That’s right. Clown punched a hole in the wall. That could have been his girlfriend’s face. Or worse. This woman was scared. And in that moment, she knew that if her boyfriend could get that violent over a television commercial … imagine what kind of trigger could set him off in the future.

And also … what the fuck are the parents thinking? Saying that the girl over-reacted because “he had a bit to drink and the Super Bowl gets everyone riled up”? What kind of enabling bullshit is this?

What that woman saw was a big fat red flag. And she was smart to get away.

Because maybe … just maybe … that Tubi commercial was a public service announcement instead of a streaming service advertisement. You know … what would a person do in a situation like that? Would they simply admit they got tricked, smile and wait for the upcoming Bud Light commercial? Or would they – in the case of this knucklehead – go completely nuclear and take out their frustrations on sheetrock?

You may not be aware of this – but there are studies that suggest that cases of domestic abuse and domestic violence increase exponentially during big championship events like the Super Bowl. Which would explain this Super Bowl commercial from 2015.

So … yeah … no one needs to fear their life just because someone changed the TV channel. It’s not like Patrick Mahomes got an alert that you weren’t watching, and because of that, he got so distracted he threw a game-losing Pick-6 that cost you $500 at the sportsbook.

It’s just a TV commercial. It’s not worth punching a wall – or a wall as a substitute for something else.