Sometimes it’s the small things that make your day. Right, DeNooyer Chevrolet?

I received this coupon in the mail – it offered discounts and rebates on various items for my 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier (“Lightning’s Girl”). Well, some new windshield wipers and a cabin filter and an air filter with discounts might be worth it – preventive maintenance and all, don’tcha know – so I scheduled an appointment for these items with DeNooyer Chevrolet.

Yesterday, in the midst of a snowstorm … I drove my car over to DeNooyer.

One of the things I like about DeNooyer is that they have two certified master Voltec technicians who specialize in PHEV vehicles. In other words, I’ve got two trusted mechanics who can take care of Lightning’s Girl. Which makes me happy.

The one thing I DON’T like about DeNooyer is that they don’t have enough staff to take care of everybody. They are continually slammed with customer maintenance and repairs, which I suppose is an offshoot of them being too good at their work. But that meant that when I originally called DeNooyer to set up my stop into the facility, my appointment was three weeks after my initial call.

In fact … when the service desk finalized my bill, they were supposed to print out a rebate form that I take home, fill out, mail off, and then in six to eight business weeks I would get a prepaid Visa card with the rebate amount. Or something like that.

But because the appointment went PAST the deadline for the rebate, the front desk couldn’t access the rebate form.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Miller,” the service desk person said. “We’ll just credit the rebate on your bill and deduct that from your final total. Thank you for using DeNooyer Chevrolet to take care of your car.”

Wow. What you just saw there was DeNooyer Chevrolet “doing a nice.”

I’m definitely good with that. It actually kinda made my day.

Look, we all get wrapped up in circumstances and in happenstance. And all we really want in our life is the knowledge that everything will work out in the end, without too much struggle or conflict.

So yeah … DeNooyer cutting through the bureaucratic red tape to credit me with a rebate on my final bill counts as one of those niceties.

And I’m definitely good with that.