The Albany Patroons took three wins in Canada last weekend.

So after a 1-1 split at the Armory, the Albany Patroons did a three-game road trip to Quebec. Three games in three days in the frozen North. Fun stuff.

Well, they came back from their Quebec road trip with three victories. Nice.

First off was a 90-80 triumph in Montreal against the expansion Toundra de Montreal. And I have to tell you, the Patroons’ new signees have paid off. Jamil Hood, who played locally at Green Tech High School, led the Pats on scoring with 22 points. Not far behind was Mustapha Traore, a 6’8″ forward who played collegiately at Monmouth – he had a nice double-double of 18 points and 16 rebounds. I’m good with that.

Next up were two games in Quebec against L’Academie d’Alma, which the Patroons swept 118-85 on Saturday and 101-82 on Sunday. I don’t have the individual box score for Saturday, but on Sunday Mustapha Traore had another powerful night with 16 points; while Josue Salaam, a 6’4″ guard who starred at Bethune-Cookman University, led Albany with 21 points.

So that makes Albany 4-1 on the TBL season so far. In the Northeast Division standings, where teams are ranked by winning percentage, Albany is in second place, just behind the 3-0 Atlantic City Gambits – who are playing the Patroons at the Armory this Saturday night.

I’m telling you. The Patroons don’t rebuild. They reload. And I’ll take those three victories in Canada any day of the week.

Trust me. We definitely are the GOAT of this league.

So says the GOAT.

That’s right. We got a mascot this year. A big horned goat. Named GOAT.

I’ll tell you this much – it’s a trade-up from that panda bear we had as a mascot back in the 2000’s. 😀