Translating Bobby Fish for those who don’t speak “Albany.”

Bobby Fish is a professional wrestler. He’s appeared with the major companies, he was part of a very popular stable in WWE’s NXT brand as members of the “Undisputed Era,” a group that featured professional wrestlers Adam Cole, Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly.. Eventually, Cole, Fish and O’Reilly moved to the superior AEW wrestling corporation, where Fish and O’Reilly reformed their independent tag team ReDRagon (yes, it’s spelled that way).

However, Bobby Fish had some personality conflicts with some of AEW’s top talent, including botching a match against CM Punk by kicking out of what was supposed to be a final pinning combination, making Punk’s finisher look weak. Eventually Fish left AEW, tried to go to the Impact wresting company – where he let out a catchphrase that received deafening silence from the crowd.

Most recently, Fish has taken to social media to gripe about another one of AEW’s top stars, Orange Cassidy. For those who don’t follow AEW wrestling, Orange Cassidy’s gimmick is that he gives very very little effort in the ring, and only tries hard when he feels like it. It’s earned him the nicknames “King of Sloth Style” and “Freshly Squeezed” – but it’s also earned him the current AEW International Championship title, which he’s defended every week on AEW’s top Wednesday night TV show Dynamite.

So now … Bobby Fish is on the outside of pro wrestling, looking in. And he sees Orange Cassidy on television every night, in an organization where Fish could have thrived. And Fish tore Orange Cassidy a new one – on social media. Here’s Fish’s Instagram post.

Oh, wow. Bobby Fish was on the Pop Warner football team in Colonie. He was a top linebacker at Colonie Central High School and was ranked as such by the Albany Times Union. That’s a big endorsement there.

I’m still not understanding what Fish is doing here. Is he arguing that he deserves to return to AEW and get in a main-event program with Orange Cassidy right now? Yeah, definitely not seeing that happening any time in the near future. Is he hoping to return to WWE and work a main event program with oh, let’s say, Roman Reigns or AJ Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura? Yeah, not seeing that either. Well, maybe he can get a run in Impact. Or Ring of Honor. Or New Japan. Or CMLL. Or …

Yeah, Bobby Fish needs to slow his roll a little. Right now he’s got serious “go away heat.” In pro wrestling, that’s receiving boos not just because you’re a bad guy, it’s receiving boos because nobody wants you in the ring. Did you see that video clip on this blog post earlier? I’ve seen a funeral parlor with more excitement. And that’s where Bobby Fish is now.

Look, I can understand his frustration. No amount of Answers Please victories in 1981 will ever get me on Jeopardy or any other brain-testing quiz show. And I get that. But Bobby FIsh … bro … you’re about the fifth most famous pro wrestler from the Capital District, right behind Glens Falls’ Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Schenectady’s Jeff Blatnick, Matt Riddle (who I think is from Saratoga Springs) and Marina Shafir (who only lived in the area after her family emigrated from Moldova). That’s it, man.

And you can take that – with your Times Union clippings and Colonie Central High School football jersey – and do with it as you wish. 😀