What’s Up in the Neighborhood, March 18 2023

Good morning, my wonderful blog readers. How badly was your bracket busted? Did you pick Princeton? Did you pick Fairleigh Dickerson? Did you pick Fulham – or Furham – or whatever that school’s name is?

I have to tell you, my bracket got busted last night. I had Hamilton going all the way in the women’s ice hockey Division III championship, and we were in the Frozen Four – all we had to do is get past Amherst. Amherst was the school that took the NESCAC championship away from us. And to make matters worse, they took a 2-0 victory against Hamilton in the semifinals of the NCAA tournament.

Congratulations, Amherst. Freakin’ safety school. You’ve now reached levels of “Cleveland Browns” hatred in my book. I hope all your hockey players suffer with college student loan debt that their grandchildren will still be paying. Ugh.

Okay. Sports frustration over. 😀

Now let’s get back to why we’re all here on a Saturday morning.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Oh, and Amherst – drop dead. 😀