Oh, those catty Philadelphia broadcasters. Me-ow.

I have to post one video to explain another.

Years ago, a series of viral videos populated their way through social media. Seems that Philadelphia’s anchor staff at Channel 3, newscaster Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson, seem to have some very distinct distaste for each other. And trust me. This isn’t just one little clip. This is a series of clips that seem to insinuate one thing over another between these two. Yikes.

So here’s the one I really want to post. The weather person at Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate, Karen Rogers, handed off her weather report to her traffic report co-anchor, Jessica Boyington, with this bit of a hand-off. Or fist-off. Or … well …

There’s one for the Office Christmas blooper reel.

Look, I could say something about going to The Urban Dictionary to explain “double fisting” – or even just straight-up “fisting” – but then I’d have to take a trip to confession and say ten Hail Mary’s and ten Our Father’s, so let’s not go there.

I will say though, that Jessica Boyington seems to have a thing about adult beverages. She referenced in the clip above that she’s a “double-fisted” drinker (sure, she is), and this clip also describes her affinity for certain unorthodox drinking vessels.

All I’m saying is … why can’t we have goofy, catty newscasters like this in our area? It might make me want to actually TUNE IN in the morning.