Atomic Nipper.

I told you I was going to play with this kaleidoscope gizmo and get a killer photo out of it.

Took me maybe 24 hours to come up with this little treasure.

And you know if I’m going to test this kaleidoscope gizmo out on something … it has to be the RCA Nipper statue in North Albany.

Because of course it is.

I had to wait until the afternoon to shoot this picture, because the sun rises over Nipper’s back and would have shone straight into my camera lens – and with the kaleidoscope effect, it would have been totally overdone and overblown.

But at 5:00 p.m. … I could angle the kaleidoscope so that it picked up the building’s colors, as well as the deep blue sky and the white front of the RCA “His Master’s Voice” statue.

And this is what I received for my efforts.

Atomic Nipper. Google Pixel 6 Pro camera, with Pyramidion Kaleidosphere in front of it. (c) 2023 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Hello, short pile for 2023!! Hello, image for BUILT!! Hello, Photo Regionals!!

Trust me, I’m entering this little bad boy in everything and anything.

This I like. Seriously like.

Welcome to the short pile, Atomic Nipper.