The Nightowl Radio Show playlist for March 31, 2023

The following is a playlist for the broadcast of the Nightowl Radio Show, a one-hour college radio show on station WHCL-FM.  The show can be streamed tonight at 7:00 p.m. Eastern at

This is an edited – and sadly, updated – broadcast from May 2022. Updated because of events that happened earlier this week in Nashville. Ugh.

7:01 PMCosima De VitoWhen the War Is OverFor those who perished in Columbine.
7:06 PMLiving H2ONickel MinesFor those who perished at Nickel Mines.
7:11 PMHerbie Hancock QuintetElegyFor those who perished at Virginia Tech.
7:18 PMDragonRequiemFor those who perished at Sandy Hook.
7:24 PMEmma GonzalezSix minutes and twenty secondsFor those who perished at Parkland.
7:32 PMArt Garfunkel and Diana KrallMorning Has BrokenFor those who perished at Santa Fe High School.
7:36 PMMaisey RikaTangaroa WhakamautaiFor those who perished at Uvalde.
7:43 PMGeorge WinstonEarly One Morning: Sadako’s Slack Key #1For those who perished at Nashville.
7:54 PMIsao TomitaArabesque No. 1And for those who grieve and those who remember.