Stewart’s Shops to sell line of “Storts” apparel

Beginning today, Stewart’s Shops in the Capital District will offer T-shirts, knit caps and water bottles featuring the name “Storts.”

“We’ve noticed that true Capital Region residents pronounce our store name as ‘Storts,'” said Stewart’s Shops spokesperson Connie Morgan. “Apparently it’s a regional thing, so we decided to lean into it.”

The clothing includes T-shirts, baseball caps, knit caps and metal water bottles. Other food products branded as “Storts” will appear in store shelves later today, including an Albany-based flavor of their store-brand ice cream called “Empire State Plaza Chip” – a chocolate ice cream with white chocolate chips, as well as an “Albany Patroons Ice Cream Swirl” – a lemon-lime-vanilla Neapolitan-style ice cream.

“We’re leaning hard into our regional area,” said Morgan. “We know you’re a local if you call our store ‘Storts.’ Not like that store in Pennsylvania with that wah-wah name. We can tell who the local Stewart’s Shops fans are by what they call our products.”

For more information on the “Storts” brand of products, visit Stewart’s Shops’ website at this link.