Albany Patroons represent in the 2023 TBL All-Star Game!

As a long-time and proud fan of the Albany Patroons (jeez, you should know that from all my blog posts about them), I’m pleased to announce that the Patroons will have representation at the TBL All-Star Game in Allentown, Pa. this weekend.

Trevis Wyche, our sharpshooter from St. Peter’s who has really played his way into a leadership roll with the team, will be one of the All-Stars on the “BLAKE” team, representing All-Stars selected from the Eastern and Western TBL conferences. This is awesome.

Oh, and the “BLAKE” team will be coached by Derrick Rowland, Albany’s head coach. Technically, this brings Derrick Rowland back to the All-Star Game, this time as a head coach (he played in the 1982-83 CBA All-Star Game). It’s also the second time the Patroons have sent their head coach as the All-Star team floor general; Will Brown coached the TBL All-Stars in the 2022 All-Star Game in Syracuse.

And even though he’s representing the Syracuse Stallions, Ja’Quan Newton is a former Albany Patroon, and he deserves some respect as he too was selected for the “BLAKE” team.

They will face the “EVANS” team, a lineup of All-Stars from the Midwest and Central conferences. Oh yeah, and that guy Paul Parks – the one from the Shreveport Mavericks who ruined the Patroons’ 2022 TBL championship hopes last year – he’s on the “EVANS” team, representing the Mavericks again.

The All-Star Game is scheduled for April 8, 2023 at Lafayette College in the Lehigh Valley; and other events, including a 3-point shooting contest, a dunk contest, a celebrity game and a youth skills camp, will occur on both April 7th and 8th, 2023.

Now you’re thinking, “What is the benefit of an All-Star Game in minor league sports, anyway?”

It’s major. Especially for players who want to showcase their skills and play their way into the NBA, the G-League or overseas contracts. Scouts go to All-Star games. Scouts sign players at All-Star games.

And I should note that last year, Albany’s AJ Mosby finished the All-Star game with a triple-double – and currently is one of the star players in the National Basketball League of Canada’s Sudbury Five. So there’s something to be said about that.