The Honest Government Ads – as profane as they are informative

Of late, I’ve enjoyed this series of “Honest Government Ads” made by an Australian group known as TheJuice Media. Essentially they use a spokesperson who describes some government function or a touristy destination – and then the episode turns all dark and informative. And hilarious. And vulgar. All at the same time.

Trust me on this.

For example … get a load of this tourist video they created for the Australian state of New South Wales. Oh, and trust me. The language in here is NSFW, so make sure you’ve got headphones on if you’re watching this YouTube clip in your cubicle.

Cumbooglecumbang. Yeah, that’s a real location just outside of Sydney. I hear its sister city is Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

From what I understand, TheJuice Media does extensive research into these ads before they produce them, so it’s like watching an Australian version of those “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” episodes. You know it’s going to be fun, and if you’re not careful, you may learn something before it’s done.

Trust me. Before you read this blog, you didn’t know there was a place called Timor-Leste, did you? Now you do. Boy, do you do.

And TheJuice Media does not limit themselves to Australian travelogues. Here’s one for those who want to learn more about Hawai’i.


And if you think that one’s a bit saucy … check out their video about the U.S. Supreme Court. Oh man.

These are straight-up fun and informative. And you get a sense that the kind of government manipulation that happens in America also happens in other nations as well.

I should note that TheJuice Media also has sanitized versions of these adverts, so if you’re not really a fan of hearing “shit” and “fuck” and “shitfuckery” on a regular basis, they do have the same adverts for the more genteel crowd. Like, for example, this “Visit New South Wales” clip that’s a more broadcast-friendly version of a clip from earlier in today’s blog.

And surprisingly, they didn’t censor Cumbooglecumbang. Ha.

For more of TheJuice Media’s “Honest Government Ads,” visit their YouTube page at this link.