You can’t spell basketball without BSL.

I’ve worked with several independent and minor basketball leagues over the years. I started when the Albany Patroons were in the Continental Basketball Association, then I moved to the Premier Basketball League, then joined up with the National Basketball League of Canada, continued to work with the Patroons while they existed in the North American Premier Basketball League and later joining the eponymous “The Basketball League.”

Well, now there may be a new basketball league on the horizon, one that encompasses many of the teams from my minor league hoops odysseys.

The logo above is from the Basketball Super League, a new creation that would combine several high-tier non-NBA non-G-League teams into essentially a minor league hoops version of soccer’s Premier League. The top teams – let’s say 12 for now – would compete in larger venues, participate in longer schedules, and provide more opportunities for players to gain future NBA or overseas contracts.

I’m good with that.

Now who will be part of this Basketball Super League?

Well, there’s several teams in the National Basketball League of Canada that might fit that bill perfectly …

And one team in Albany that would also work well in this league …

So this could be a fun moment for me. Several of my past and present basketball connections all working together in a new hoops circuit.

Let’s say this. I’m definitely intrigued.

I want to see where this goes.