Wait, there’s a BlackBerry movie coming out?? Seriously?!?

Longtime readers of this blog know that for as long as I’ve had cell phones, I’ve been a BlackBerry loyalist. Trust me, I stuck with the ‘Berry through eight different iterations, until Verizon’s network would no longer support by ‘Berry and I was forced to change to a Google Pixel 6 Pro. I say “forced to change” with my teeth clenched.

Because, honestly, I stuck with what was comfortable. I expected my phone to be a work phone. Not a play toy. And I stuck with BlackBerry through as many iterations as I could. That included the Q10. And it included the slide-out PRIV. And it included my final ‘Berry, the KEYone.

Trust me, it would have been NINE BlackBerries had that tech company UpwardMobility actually delivered what they promised instead of making all us BlackBerry stans hope for a 5G phone that they had no intention of ever manufacturing.

Well, BlackBerry as a phone is now dead.

That being said … apparently next month … there’s a big-screen motion picture about the rise and fall of BlackBerry.

What, you think I’m making stuff up?

Do you NOT see the embedded trailer in this blog post?

This one?

Yeah, I definitely want to see this. I really want to see how a tech company that got its phones in nearly every Fortune 500 company – a phone so beloved and popular that President Obama refused to give his up until the government built him a super-secure BlackBerry of his own – and how, after the spectacular rise of this phone, how it crashed and burned because of that damn Steve Jobs and his damn iPhone and all that other stuff.

This ought to be a fun film. Heck, last time I checked, it had a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Which is totally fine by me.

I’m thinking this film might show up at the Spectrum, I don’t see it as a wide-release film. Or maybe it’ll be available as an on-demand feature.

You never know.

Trust me. It’s the old saying. Once you go BlackBerry, you never go Back-Berry. 😀