My new customized View-Master reels arrived. Wow.

I’ve been on a three-dimensional photography kick of late, now that I’ve combined two Nikon Df cameras with a synchronized shutter. And as I continue this process, each time that I get a decent set of stereoscopic photos, I keep going on a theme until I achieve seven distinct photo sets.

Then I send the images off to a company called RetroViewer, who make customized View-Master reels that work in vintage View-Master viewers.

I already have one set of customized View-Master reels – shots from my 2022 Canadian Pacific Holiday Train chase.

The other day – I received my second successful set of stereoscopic viewing photos.

What you see there is a customized View-Master reel of my shots of the Saratoga, Corinth & Hudson Railway – a couple of winter shots, a couple of fall foliage shots, some other three-quarter profile shots, and even a great shot of the ALCO-2 “Radio” engine belching out some diesel smoke.

Yeah, it’s nice to have a local tourist train in the area that doubles as a photography subject.

For example … on May 14, when the SC&H has their “Mother’s Day” train run, I want to shoot the train as it passes a newly-installed pedestrian railroad crossing – the SC&H installed some vintage old-school pedestrian train warning signs near the White Sands portion of the run. And in June, when the SC&H does their Friday night “Sunset” runs, I want to try to get a shot of the SC&H as it crosses Depot Road – just as the sun sets in the horizon. I have a great idea for a shot that will just blow judges away come Competition Season. I hope.

But the main thing is … these customized View-Master projects are lots of fun. They allow me to achieve several emotional and aesthetic goals, which I enjoy. I’m shooting more photos, which I also enjoy. And how cool is it to have your own customized View-Master reels to glance at on a peaceful day?

Yeah, this is fun Chuck is happy.