News from the International 3-D Photo Competition…

Earlier this year, I captured some 3-D shots at the Albany Patroons / Lehigh Valley Legends basketball game. Of the several different 3-D shots I was able to snag … this one turned out the best.

Rejection by Williams. Nikon DF cameras (2), Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lenses (2). Photo (c) 2023 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Sure, I would have preferred to get a nice sweet Patroons dunk or something like that, but I’ll take this shot instead.

Two months ago, I entered this photo, along with three others, in the International 3D Photo Competition in Austria.

Yesterday … just for the hell of it … I went to the Association’s website.

Oh, look. The results are posted.

And you can guess … if I’m showcasing the basketball dunk and not the three other photos that I entered in competition …

I can tell you that Rejection By Williams made the cut as one of the 66 different acceptances in the 2023 International 3D Photo Competition.

Which means, after 18 years of photographing the Patroons in one form or another …

I finally have a Patroons photo that landed in an art show.

It’s also my first-ever 3-D photo (as opposed to a flip image like Vivaldi’s Pond or Double Feature Family Friendly) to land in a gallery show.

It’s also personal redemption when my entries in the 2020 3-D show were all bounced. I guess I didn’t have the proper skills at that time. Then again, that was three years ago, and I was trying to achieve these shots with everything from 1990’s-era toy film cameras like the NIMSLO to synchronizing two Nikon EM’s with a connected cable shutter. You’ve got to crawl before you can walk, and you’ve got to walk before you can run.

Anyways … I’m just happy that Rejection By Williams made the cut and is part of the show. Even if it’s that organization’s final show, I still got one entry into the event. So I’m totally psyched about that.

Am I going to find a way to enter Rejection by Williams into my regular Competition Season events?

I don’t know. It’s nice and all, but come on … it’s Lehigh Valley blocking on my Albany Patroons. I mean … my guys are getting posterized by someone else.

In this instance, I’ll just take the victory and leave it at that. 😀