When the 1919 Hudson River flooded in 2023.

It’s March of 1919, and the Albany Argus notes that the Hudson River is swelled to its bursting point. A combination of ice, a recent storm, and potential warm weather, turned communities on the Hudson River into panic centers. I now quote from the Argus, printed in its March 29, 1919 edition.

As the result of the storm, the Hudson River rose rapidly and this evening it was feared that if the storm continued much longer Troy might again experience a flood similar to that in 1916. The weather prediction that tomorrow will be fair and warmer will undoubtedly result in the river raising much higher. The storm was the worst in the Hudson valley this winter. Traffic on out branching trolley lines was stalled and railroad schedules were annulled in some cases. In Saratoga the snow was a foot deep this evening.

In fact, by the time that paper went to press, both Troy and Green Island were socked with floods. Fourth Street in Troy may as well have been Venice, Italy. And as for Green Island, one of its major thoroughfares, George Street, was soaked.

In 2023, I obtained a postcard that showed the devastation along George Street. You can see the water flowing through the Town and Village, all the way up to St. Joseph’s Church.

In fact, St. Joseph’s Church still stands today. Actually, several of the buildings in that Green Island photo – especially the building next to the current police station – still exist today.

A quick jaunt over to the intersection of George and Clinton Streets … A few shots here and there … and a little adjustment with the camera and aligning it with the 100-year-old postcard …

And look what I achieved.

There it is. Right between the police building and the Lydall Corporation factory. At the corner of George and Clinton. Lined up quite well, I have to say.

You know … I can actually get my mitts on another Hudson River 1919 flood photo, this one from Troy. Maybe I can do a little image jiggling and possibly combine what WAS there with what IS there now.

Yeah, I’m having fun. Can you tell?