Panning for a golden shot

I’ve tested my ASTRO intervalometer, my device that automatically sets my digital camera to take pictures at regular intervals, and have shown the results in this blog.  Can I do a time-lapse photo?  Yep.  Can I take a picture of a bird feeder in an effort to capture some feathered friends in a photo?  Done and done.

Yesterday was a warm, partly cloudy day, and I wanted to test a previously untried feature on the ASTRO – the ability to not only take pictures in sequence, but to also take the pictures while panning from one direction to the next.

Let’s see… I haven’t taken pictures of Beecher Creek Falls in the Adirondacks in about two months or so… heck, last time I was there the snow was still on the ground and the chill was in my heart.  I’m doing much better now, things have improved tremendously since those chilly-dark April days.

Okay.  This time, I want to capture the flow of Beecher Creek Falls, along with my Nikon Df camera, the ASTRO intervalometer, and a 28mm f/2.8 lens with a Hoya NDx400 filter.

In English?  Good camera, nice device, make the water look like flowing ice.

I found a spot along the falls.  Tripod installed.  Camera at the ready.  And…

Go.  The camera started taking pictures.  And after every picture, the ASTRO intervalometer gently, quietly turned the camera to the left one slight degree after another.  To the left, to the left, every shot it took made it go to the left…

And as the camera ticked off every shot, I glimpsed over to my right… and saw a family – husband, wife, three kids – taking some pictures near the falls.

Of course, you know what that means.  I walked away from my tripod, and offered to take group shots for them.  “All of you get together,” I said, as one of the family members handed me their camera.  “Smile.  Move over to your right a smidge, so I can get the waterfalls in the background.”

That was fun.  And then, a few moments later, another family – this one a foursome, husband, wife, two kids – showed up at the falls and started taking pictures, this time using a tablet for their camera.  Yep.  I offered to take a group shot for them as well.  They gladly accepted.

This is called “doing a nice.”  Blog readers, you should always “do a nice” at least once a day.  Do a good turn and don’t expect any rewards for doing so.

I went back to my camera.  Five hundred shots.

Last night, I combined all five hundred shots into one time-lapse motion picture.

Want to see it?

Here it is.

Yeah, I’m really digging this ASTRO intervalometer.  I’m glad I got on the Kickstarter program to get this little device.

Especially when it can allow me to take awesome shots like this – and to do so while I can help out some other families by taking awesome shots of them for their own family album.

Oh, and one more thing.  After I finished taking my time-lapse photos at the Falls…

I took a moment to capture a selfie of my own, using my BlackBerry Q10 camera phone.

And as you can see… things are definitely looking up for Chuck.

That’s “looking up for Chuck.”

That’s not “looking like up chuck.”