Big Brothers Big Sisters “Big Brains Trivia” 2015

Every year, the charity organization Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region host a four-week trivia tournament to raise money for their charitable work.

And it’s time once again for another round of “Big Brains Trivia,” sponsored this year by Berkshire Bank.

How does it work?

Get your trivia team together (four players maximum per team) and register at this website.  There are four locations that will host Thursday night games of trivia.  If you earn the most points at a location, you win $200.  If you win the most points of all trivia teams, you win $800.

But the most important “win” isn’t for your team.  It’s for the young people who need a mentor, who need a positive adult role model in their life.  It’s for those people who have a chance to make a positive advance in their world.  And you can be part of that.

The four locations and dates?

  • Thursday, January 8 at The Parting Glass Pub, Saratoga Springs, with hosts Kevin & Shanna of WRVE 99.5 The River
  • Thursday, January 15 at Recovery Sports Grill, Rotterdam, hosted by Brian Cody of WFLY 92.3
  • Thursday, January 22 at Recovery Sports Grill, Troy, hosted by Dwayne Murphy, Jr. of the Comedy Works
  • Thursday, January 29 at Recovery Sports Grill, Guilderland, hosted by Brian Cody of WFLY 92.3

I’ve participated in this trivia tournament for two years now, and it’s a lot of fun.

And if you want to take this one step beyond, if you want to bring family members on board, then may I suggest…

There’s a game of “Little Brains Trivia,” which is for the younger set.  Lots of fun and again, it’s all for a good cause.

So get your buddies and your friends and your trivia crew together, put together a team and sign up.  Even if you don’t get a single answer correct, your participation in this means that you’re already a winner.

And that’s more important than anything.

For more information, visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region at this link.