Aunty Jack will rip yer bloody arms off, me little lovelies!

If you’re a fan of classic TV sketch comedy – such as Laugh-In or Monty Python’s Flying Circus, or even obscure sketch comedy like The Goodies or The Two Ronnies or some other British TV show that aired on public broadcasting two generations ago…

Have I got a cult classic to show you.  Take a look at this comedy sketch… and you can see from this clip who the bust-out star of this sketch becomes.

I’m not sure what I can say about this… except that the character played by Grahame Bond, of a motorcycle-riding, dress-wearing, glove-fisted hyper-angry soul who threatens to rip the arms off of anyone who gets in the way – a character affectionately known as “Aunty Jack” – became a television sensation in Australia.  Two seasons of thirteen total episodes were aired in the early 1970’s, and the show became a popular children’s television show.

Yes.  This was considered children’s television in Australia.

Aunty Jack, along with “Thin Arthur” (Rory O’Donoghue), Narrator Neville (John Derum) and Flange Desire (Sandra McGregor) built each show around a single theme, and then went completely off-beat into a surreal comedy landscape.

Here’s one of their episodes, focusing on the theme of war.  Included in the gags – a team of dancing soldiers, and a love triangle played out with harmonicas.

Only thirteen episodes and a couple of television specials were produced of this series, mostly because the show was so far out and so surreal, the local network had no idea what to do with it.

Aunty Jack and Thin Arthur also dominated the Australian pop charts, as their novelty song “Farewell Aunty Jack” not only stayed atop the Australian countdown for nearly three months, it became Australia’s first-ever-produced picture disc.

I should mention that Grahame Bond later went on to a successful career as an actor, producer and advertising executive.  And on occasion, he and O’Donoghue reunite as Aunty Jack and Thin Arthur for several concerts and television appearances.

So how did I come across these YouTube clips of the Aunty Jack show?  Suffice it to say that when one starts falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, one finds some very strange and unique clips.

As evidenced.