And the Chance calls…

For those of you who have followed my blog for the trivia recaps (and have grumbled because there haven’t been as many trivia recaps as of late), something happened over the weekend that I was not expecting under any circumstances.

I got the call.

Yes, I got the call.

Well, it wasn’t a call.  It was an e-mail.

And it wasn’t for that Chance… but it’s for something just as intriguing and exciting.


Apparently one of my blog readers, a trivia player in the Hudson Valley, qualified with his trivia team for something called the World Tavern Trivia Championships, which will be held in May in Atlantic City.

And they had an open slot on their team.

The e-mail to me: “Do you want to be on our team, Chuck?”

Well now…

This is interesting.  I’ve been asked to join up for a trivia tournament, which has the potential to win lots of money and prestige for the championship squad.

And at that moment in time, I had three options.  I could either…

  • Say no and continue with my normal life.
  • Say no and keep holding out hope against hope for some other trivia competition.
  • Say no and get busy with other projects.

And in the end, I went with Option D.

And Option D did not have the phrase “say no” in it.

I agreed to join the trivia team.  What can I say?  Have trivia brain, will travel…

Besides, there are other perks in this trip.  I get to spend a few springtime days in Atlantic City.  Photo opportunities galore – the beach, the boardwalk, the nightlife…

And I get to compete with a team that has a chance to win big money at this tournament.

And… two words … legalized gambling.  Of course, when I play legalized gambling in New York, it’s really known as “donations to Andrew Cuomo’s discretionary fund.”  So I just acknowledge that the money’s going to the New Jersey Governor’s discretionary fund, lather, rinse, repeat.

I found out that the team I’m joining is registered under the trivia name of “Stir Crazy.” Which is a good thing; back in 1980, one of the teachers at my high school, Street Academy, took us students to an after-school field trip.  Okay, “Field Trip” meant Cine 1-2-3-4-5-6 in Northway Mall, so that we could all have fun watching Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in …

Yep.  That’s right.  We bad.  We ready to bang.  We bad.  (doing Ric Flair strut)

So as of today, I’m making preparations to join my new trivia team to help them win the grand prize in the World Tavern Trivia Championships.

Cue the training montage.

And the great part about this blog… is that I’m bringing all of you along with me.  Win or lose… we’re in this together.

Ring the bell.  School’s in session.