The 7-day art challenge

One of my Hamilton College classmates, Wil Burns, tagged me on Facebook to participate in the 7-day nature photography challenge.  The object?  Post one nature picture every day for seven consecutive days, and each day that you post, you tag someone else to participate.

Harmless, fun stuff.

And today was my final day of participation.  Yep, I completed all seven days of the challenge.

Now if you’re one of my Facebook friends, you saw all seven photos that I submitted.

And if you’re not my Facebook friend… well, you can either find me on Facebook and ask to request me as a friend, so you can see what I posted…

Or you can just read today’s blog and see the pictures here.

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These were all taken over a period of years, using different techniques – film, digital – and different cameras.  Some I’ve shown on several occasions; others are either brand new or previously forgotten.

All in all, it was a fun little challenge, a nice diversion from the usual things going on in my crazy life.  That, and it kinda got me excited about what might happen in springtime.

Plus, speaking of nature, the upcoming Nature Show at the Emma Treadwell Center in Thacher Park will debut this Saturday; you should definitely go and see it.  I know many people who have submitted their excellent photos and paintings and sculptures to the show, and it’s certainly worth your time to see it.

Have a great day, everyone!

Psst… if you happen to see what looks like a big old church window with an Adirondack foliage setting … or if you see an image-changing view of the Adirondacks that changes from season to season as you walk past it… those are my entries in the show.  😉