The Return of Lynda Carter (and Adam West and Burt Ward)

You could keep your Charlie’s Angels, you could have your Daisy Duke.  And yes, the Bionic Woman was brilliant and beautiful, and I still remember watching the sci-fi comedy Quark because of the ultra-hot Tricia and Cyb Barnstable twins.

Yeah.  That was me in the 1970’s.

But through all that, there was only one TV show for which I would personally fight anybody who wanted to change the channel to something else.

Yeah.  I definitely had my Friday nights blocked out for episodes of Wonder Woman.  And can you blame me?  No.  Not when I can watch Lynda Carter completely destroy all the forces of evil – whether they were Nazis or aliens or saboteurs or any other comic-book villains.

And although there is a new Wonder Woman motion picture scheduled for 2017, it won’t star Lynda Carter in it.  Which kinda bums me out, because I really can’t imagine anyone else in the star-spangled costume than her.

But then I received some very interesting news.  And it involves a TV superhero who also uses her brains and skills to save the world and make things right.

As part of the second season of Supergirl, Lynda Carter will return to the comic book / TV universe.  Not as Wonder Woman, but as the President of the United States (DC Television Universe version).


And I’m thinking, nah, this can’t be true.  No way.  Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Well… thank the heavens for Melissa Benoist’s Instagram account.

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Met a wonderful woman today @reallyndacarter

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Yep.  That’s Lynda Carter all right, who has the superpower of actually looking YOUNGER than she did in the 1970’s.   According to ET Online, Carter will appear in several episodes of Supergirl, beginning with the third episode of this show’s upcoming second season.

Can.  Not.  Wait.

Now if somebody could find a way to get Adam West and Burt Ward back into their capes and cowls and restore the original 1960’s-era Batman TV series in some way… maybe as an animated feature or something…

Wow… two wishes fulfilled in the same day??  Sweet!

See, this is when the photosynthesis of the cathode ray tube really does make people smile.