Mazel Tov for deep-fried kosher food!

One of my personal traditions when competing in the New York State Fair’s photography competition, is that after I have found out how my entries have fared, I celebrate by eating some sort of fair food.  Just to be fair, mind you.  I’ve already paid the fair to get there, so there.  You saw what I did there.

This year, I have one entry at the New York State Fair – my miniature radio/dollhouse, The Cathedral of St. Philco.  I already know it has achieved a ribbon of some sort.  But I don’t know what color of ribbon.

And with that in mind, I looked over the menu options of unique New York State Fair food vendors.  Do I want to do the “Defibrillator” sandwich again?  Might I try the “New York Harvester” sandwich, the delicacy that crams an entire Thanksgiving dinner between two slices of bread?

Oh wait… what’s this?

According to, this year the New York State Fair will offer a kosher food operator.  The Oaks at Menorah Park, a senior citizens home in Syracuse, offers regular kosher takeout to the community at large, and they’ve been offered a chance to add their own twist on traditional kosher food like blintzes, matzo balls and knishes.

Yep.  They’re getting deep-fried.

Options at the Oaks’ State Fair booth will include deep-fried cinnamon-topped apple blintzes, deep-fried matzo balls with ranch dressing, and deep-fried square cheese knishes with either chocolate or strawberry dipping sauce.

Oh man.  That just sounds like I want to order for takeout.  No, it really does.  Listen, my Grandma Betty always kept a kosher house, and would get on my case if I ever brought over anything that might be considered treif.  So now there’s an option for me.

If deep-fried kosher food makes you go oy gevalt, The Oaks will also offer standard kosher fare, including such options as bagels and lox sandwiches, chopped salads, and salmon lettuce wraps (gluten free, bubula).

So here’s the deal.

The dollhouse competition category offers five ribbons – first through fourth place and honorable mention.  If The Cathedral of St. Philco earns at least a third-place ribbon, I will devour one menu item from The Oaks at Menorah Park’s kosher fair stand.

A second-place ribbon and I will eat two items from the stand.

And if, by some chance or happenstance, The Cathedral of St. Philco scores a first-place silk, I will buy four items from the kosher stand – two for consumption right then and there … and two for takeout.

Gotta have at least some nosh on the way home, right?

That’s right… I’m going to celebrate the success of a Christian-themed dollhouse by eating kosher food.

How’s that for experiencing the wonder of interfaith? 😀