Week 8 of the 2016 Graney’s Stout Summer Trivia League

What’s the worst thing you can do in competitive team trivia?

Is it mess up on the final three questions, to the point where your quickly-earned lead suddenly drifts into fifth place?

Is it to bet all your points and hope that you get the right answer on a category for which you think you have some knowledge?

And if you get it wrong, can you hope that the team with cumulative points behind you doesn’t get it right and leap-frog you in the standings?

Well, before we get to that point…

I did have a nice run going.  I nailed a tough question about the team for whom President Eisenhower played his college football (Army, natch), the name of the reliever who was named the 1996 World Series MVP (John Wetteland), and the four countries with the most medals at the 2016 Olympics (USA, Great Britain, Russia, China).


With three questions to go, and a triple bonus question staring me in the face …

I did not know the Week 1 NFL opponents for the Giants, Jets or Bills.  Three guesses.  Three wrong answers.

But I could make it back with the ten-point question – as long as I know how tall a baby giraffe is when it is born.  I scribbled down 4 feet.  Scratched it out, wrote 5 feet.  Answer was 6 feet.

Now I’m looking up at four other teams.  The category is “Emmy Award Records.”

Bet it all, Chuck.  You have to.  Nacho Punch is 135 points behind, and if they get it right and you get it wrong, they’ll leap-frog you in the cumulative standings.

“What TV drama holds the record for the most prime-time Emmy Awards in a single season?”

I think it’s ER.  No, maybe it’s The West Wing.  Scribbled out ER, wrote The West Wing, scribbled out The West Wing, wrote ER, handed in the slip.

It wasn’t ER.

Then again, it wasn’t The West Wing, either.

It was Game of Thrones, with 15 Emmy Awards in 2015.

Nacho Punch got it right.  So did Woo Hoo A Go Go, and they took big runs in the cumulative points.

The Fist and Dan 2014 bet conservatively.


Yeah, go ahead.  Clown me.  I whiffed and failed.  And I slipped below the dreaded cut line.

Four weeks to go, and I’m looking more like the odd man out.

Ugh.  I want to forget this trivia night ever happened.  Or this week.  Or heck, maybe this year.
But even though I crashed this week… I will still show respect to the other teams.  They got it right, they advance in the standings.

How did your trivia team do this week?

Graney’s Stout Trivia League Standings
Summer 2016
Week 8 of 12
Trivia Team Week 7
1 Dan 2014: Dan-tourage 110 1184
2 Woo Hoo a Go Go 204 964
3 The Fist 97 931
4 Nacho Punch 212 590
5 Street Academy 0 503
6 Stern Fans 438
7 Team Squirtle 412

Eight weeks down … four weeks to go.