Best of our TU Independent Blogs, August 25, 2016: Ten for Thursday

By the time you get a chance to read this, I’ll be on the road.  Essentially, I’m on my way to Syracuse for the opening day of the New York State Fair, and to find out how my mixed-media dollhouse The Cathedral of St. Philco did in its competition.

And before I go any further, congratulations to the members of the Auburn Photography Club for one of their best showings at the Fair this year; APC member Don Bob snagged Best of Show, and several other members received multiple ribbons in their categories.  Awesome group of people and, from what I’ve seen from their Facebook postings, awesome photos as well.

But before I head off to the Salt City, I have some business to complete.

And you know what that business is.

It’s a recap of the Times Union’s really awesome independent blogs by the community and local bloggers and writers.

And they include this week:

  1. Liz Lemery Joy’s “Joy In These Days” blog, “In God We Trust, The Pledge of Allegiance & the National Anthem.(Read this first.)
  2. Don Rittner’s history blog, “It’s a Fair Day in Altamont!
  3. Jessica Winans’ blog, “Where is the line between abuse and discipline?
  4. Heather Fazio’s blog, “Ahead by a century.
  5. David Kalish’s “The Ruminator” blog, “Searching for answers, and her father, an adoptive child reclaims her past.
  6. Lale Davidson’s “Out of the Ordinary” blog, “Trashing good works.
  7. Rob Hoffman in the “Hoffman Files” blog, “Your DNA knows who you are.
  8. Sara Rose Wheeler’s “Roaring Twenties” blog, “Story time: I was ghosted.
  9. Assemblyman John T McDonald III’s blog, “Epi-Pen Pricing – Ouch!
  10. Alyssa Johnson’s “Discovering Wildlife” blog, “Caught on camera trap – critters!

Great stuff this week.  Definitely worth the perusal.

Okay, off to Syracuse for me.  Hopefully good news when I get there.

I’d kinda like to start my 7th anniversary as a Times Union blogger on the right foot.

That, and my 53rd anniversary of the day I was born.  Yeah, that too.

Have a great day, everyone!