“Please tell me you’re seeing this, too!” (Congratulations Rami Malek!!)

Earlier this year, on the advice and recommendation of many of my friends, I binge-watched the first season of a well-acclaimed drama on the USA Network, Mr. Robot.  And from the first episode, I was completely hooked.

Mr. Robot stars Rami Malek as a neurotic anti-hero cyber-hacker who is approached by a group of fellow hackers to attempt to take down the government.  Everything about this show – from the writing to the cinematography to the acting – is absolutely phenomenal.  It’s one of those shows that made me want to re-experience the excitement of serialized televised drama.

If you’ve never seen Mr. Robot, here’s a sneak peek clip.

While Rami Malek is the heart of the show, Mr. Robot is populated with stirring and powerful characters.  Among them are Christian Slater as the titular and mysterious Mr. Robot himself, Carly Chaikin as the determined hacker Darlene, Grace Gummer as the conflicted FBI agent Dom, BD Wong as the powerful entity Whiterose, and more and more and more.

And throughout the show, Rami Malek’s character of Elliot Alderson acts as the unstable narrator.  You hear his thoughts, you see his visions, and – to be totally honest – he also sees and talks to you.  “Please tell me you’re seeing this too,” he says on occasion when something strange or unnerving appears in his mind.  We know he’s talking to us.  He’s taking us on his journey of self-discovery.  We’re not sure how much he’s telling us, but we’re on the ride just the same.

And last night, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences acknowledged Rami Malek’s powerful performance in Mr. Robot by giving him the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

And when he took the podium to give his acceptance speech, you could see Rami Malek drift back into his Elliot Alderson persona and give a quick shout-out in his “unreliable narrator” voice-over.


Yeah.  “Please tell me you’re seeing this, too…”

Listen, it was a big night for genre television – Game of Thrones won for Best Drama, Tatiana Maslany, the six different girls from Orphan Black, took home the Best Actress Drama statue, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver won Best Variety Talk series (although it would have come in second had someone bothered to nominate Garbage Time with Katie Nolan).

But yeah.  Elliot went up against President Underwood, Saul the lawyer, Ray Donovan the enforcer and that Russian spy and took home the Emmy.

Hey Elliot.  I saw it, too, man.  And it was glorious.

And if you can beat all that competition and claim that big gold statue…

Then battling E Corp and the Dark Army and everybody else will be just as satisfying…

Mr. Robot airs on Wednesday nights on USA Network, and although the season finale is coming up this week, I would certainly urge you to watch this show from the beginning, either with your On Demand channel or through a streaming video service.

Trust me.  It’s that damn good.