Not four months, and we’re heading to the car repair shop…

Call me Dracourage.
Call me Dracourage.

I’ve only had Dracourage – my 2013 Chevrolet Cruze – for a very short period of time.  I’ve driven it here and there, and I’m slowly warming up to it.  It’s not my beloved Blackbird, but it can do things my Blackbird never could – such as integrated Bluetooth connectability, turn-by-turn built-in navigation, and a whisper-quiet engine.

So why has my car gone to DePaula Chevrolet’s body shop once already, and why are we going back today?

Couple of reasons.

Last month, as I was driving down I-787, I somehow found myself behind a dump truck.  Okay, no big deal, dump trucks have stinky smells, I’ll just close the air vents and breathe in circulated air.  No big deal…

Hey, what’s that flying out of the back of the dump truck?

It looks like a big piece of a cardboard box.  And it’s floating in the air… in front of me…

And it’s coming down …

Right on my hood.


And off it flew into the ditch.  The debris, not my hood thankfully.

I didn’t think much of the incident, until I got to my destination and noticed – to my horror – that the “box” – or whatever it was – gouged the paint job on my car’s hood.  Big nasty scrapes.  All the way down to bare metal.  That box must have been made of something harder than cardboard, me thinks.

A call to my insurance company, and last week I brought Dracourage in to DePaula Chevrolet’s body shop.  A day later, DePaula called – the hood wsa repainted and polished and looked showroom new.  This, kids, is why you pay for decent car insurance.  What would have normally cost me $450 only cost me $100 out of pocket for the deductible.

So why am I bringing Dracourage to DePaula this morning?

Well, when I bought the car in June of 2016, I also purchased DePaula’s extended vehicle service contract.  Yes, I bought one and I bought it directly from DePaula.

So today, instead of me worrying about shocks or struts or EGR modules or fuel lines or radiator leaks or engine cracks or oil leaks or electrical issues (all of which plagued my other three GM chariots), Dracourage is going in for the following:

  • Full tire rotation, free
  • Full oil change and filter replacement, free
  • 237-point inspection, free
  • Car wash, free

See, THIS is why you buy a vehicle service contract DIRECTLY from the dealership.  You don’t wait for someone to call you, mispronounce your name, and immediately hardsell you into purchasing a vehicle service contract that wouldn’t even cover repairs on a Hot Wheels car.

Yeah, so by the time you read this, Dracourage will be up on the lifts, getting its tires rotated.

And I’ll feel better about this car.  Mostly because this may be the first car I’ve ever owned…

Where I haven’t winced like a tattoo recipient any time I’ve brought the car to the body shop.

Peace of mind.  It’s a wonderful thing.