Brangelina: 2004 (officially 2014)-2016

From the “well, we knew it had to happen sooner or later” department, Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt.  Marriage – two years, although the couple had been a “Brangelina” essentially since 2004.  Angie gets the kids, Brad gets visitation, Angie didn’t ask for spousal support.

E! online gives the gory details.

Yeah, I’m not sure if I really care.  I know this was a Hollywood power couple (hence the portmonteau “Brangelina”), but it really doesn’t pique my interest.  What, were we expecting a Hollywood couple to stay together forever?  Seriously?

Hollywood has relationships that are clocked in days rather than years (Kim Kardashian was married for maybe three months tops to Kris Humphries), and it’s all become a boring, jaded melange.  And every time I hear that a Hollywood power couple gets married … eventually they get divorced.  So if you had September 20, 2016 in your “End of Brangelina” betting pool, you win.  Congratulations.  Here’s a cookie.

In fact … you’re probably wondering… Chuck, why in the world are you blogging about this?  This isn’t your normal topics o’ choice.”

True.  Very true.  In fact, about the only time I even cared about Angelina Jolie was when she was filming the Salt movie in the Capital District, and my Pontiac 6000 was one of the “car extras” in the I-787 filming scene.  That’s about it.

But it’s nice to actually scoop some other Times Union staff bloggers and get to the post first.

Which is always a good thing.