K-Chuck Radio: Draw that bow, my son…

I’ve had experience with string-and-bow musical instruments.  I played bass violin for two years at Veeder Elementary School (School 7 on the list of the Twelve), so I do appreciate the complicated and beautiful sounds that a violin or cello or viola or string bass can bring to a composition.

With that in mind, let me share on K-Chuck Radio several “stringed symphonies” for the modern crowd.  And let’s start with…

A Flat

My first experience with Black Violin was when I heard their music on the “woman becomes first pitcher in major league baseball” show Pitch.  The music is artful and powerful, and definitely worth hearing.


Here’s a recipe for success – put together a string quartet in slipdresses and toussled hair.  Yeah, no reason why this group shouldn’t get lots of exposure.  Pun intended.

Dust In The Wind

Yes, this is Kansas’ “other” hit about mortality and fatality – despite another teacher’s opinion of my interpretation – but still, it’s a powerful and emotive piece.


These guys pretty much tear the horsehide off their bows in their awesome re-interpretation of an AC/DC classic.  Swank.

Roundtable Rival

This is what we need.  An old fashioned Wild West battle between some guitar-toting desperados and a souped-up violin-toting barmaid.  Forget any devil going down to Georgia.

Oh yeah, since I mentioned it…

The Devil Went Down To Georgia

The “Devil and Daniel Webster” battle translated into a three-minute #1 pop and country hit, and if any song helped get the Charlie Daniels Band into the Grand Ole Opry, certainly it was this track.


Probably the first time I’ve ever heard System of a Down without needing aspirin afterward.


Canadian heavy metal violinist who just shreds this song to bits.

So that should give you a start for the day… and maybe you might want to take that old, forgotten violin out of your closet, rosin up your French bow, and give another spin to those old skills.

I mean, look at what these artists are doing.

Yeah.  That’s what I mean.

Now where did I put that old bass violin…