Week 6 of the Graney’s Stout Summer Trivia League

For all intents and purposes, last night’s trivia game was a wash for me.  And to be totally honest, I had a very schizophrenic run at trivia – I would miss easy questions and hit the hard ones, or I would get together several easy questions and then destroy my advantage by guessing wrongly on a tough question.

My bad.  I just couldn’t find a decent rhythm.

So let’s just skip to the final question.  I’m in sixth place, looking up at five other teams, and my mindset is – screw this, just bet all the points I have.

And I did.  All 70 of them, on the category “Big Buildings.”

“At 35 stories, the Wells Fargo Tower was once the tallest building in what Florida city?”

Well, there go 70 points down the drain.  Total guess.  Figured tall buildings needed to be in large cities, so I said Miami.

The correct answer was Jacksonville, and enough teams got it right that even had I written down the correct answer, I wouldn’t have had enough points to land in the top tier for the night.  For the record, the team known as the Fist had a safe bet and won the night, while New Phone Who Dis? and Dan 2017 claimed second and third (they both knew it was Jacksonville).

Oh well.  Even the greatest golfers shank it into the lake more than a few times.  Just ask Sergio Garcia. 😀

So here’s the new point totals after six weeks of the game.

Week 6 of the Graney’s Stout Spring Trivia League  Starter Points for Final Game
Dan 2017: The Next Generation 11
The Fist 7
Street Academy 6
New Phone, Who Dis 6
Woo Hoo a Go Go 5
Nacho Punch  3

Six weeks down, six weeks to go until the final game on June 28.