Today’s the day: St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights artist reception!

I shouldn’t be worried at all.  I’ve done this before.

But honestly, I’m nervous.

Cooney Mordant Grace. Shot with Leica M3 camera, LomoChrome Purple film. (c) Chuck Miller. All rights reserved.

Today is the artist reception for new gallery show, St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights.  The event is at St. Agnes Cemetery’s “Living Room” art center at 48 Cemetery Avenue in Menands, just off Broadway.  The artist reception runs from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m., and I hope to see you there.

Now what does this show encompass?

Half of the artworks were photographed at the cemetery grounds, and I used various photographic films and techniques – including my “splitfilm” technique (cramming two rolls of film into one camera and shooting them simultaneously), lenticular printing (one of the cemetery shots has a bit of a 3-D look to it), and infrared photography (amazing what you can photograph in the non-visible spectrum).

The other half of the show features several of my popular photos and images, as well as a Dream Window (number 17, An Adirondack Reflection) as well as the award-winning photos Vivaldi’s Pond, The Heavens Above The Forest Below, and The Railsplitter.  I even have my brand new entry for Competition Season 2017, Stone Saltwater Surf and Seagulls.  Yep.  I work fast.

Now I certainly understand that you’d like to get a quick look at what photos are available, as well as price information should you want to purchase a piece or three.

I have you covered.  This link contains a downloadable PDF of all the artworks and prices, as well as descriptions of how they were photographed and captured.

I really think you’ll enjoy this show.  And I definitely look forward to meeting you, my friends and blog readers.

And if you can’t make the reception tonight, the show itself runs until June 30, so you have plenty of time to see the photos at your leisure.

But yeah, if you’re able to come to the event tonight, that would be awesome as well.  😀