So “Timeless” wasn’t cancelled by NBC after all??

Last year, most of the major television networks bombarded us with time travel programs – whether it involved reboots of time travel movies as series (ABC’s Time After Time, the CW’s Frequency), comedy time travel shows (Fox’s Making History) or whole new programs (NBC’s Timeless).

And one by one, each show debuted – garnered miserable ratings – and were cancelled.  Time After Time died after five of its scheduled 13 episodes aired.  Frequency didn’t even finish its maiden season.  And Making History had its season order cut to a quick six episodes, then vanished faster than anything.

That just left Timeless, an NBC drama featuring three time-travelers on the hunt for a fourth time traveler who is bent on changing history and causing worldwide historic calamity.  The show was a bit of goofy fun, and there was an overarching storyline about some sort of Illuminati-like organization that controlled history … yeah, you had to see it to understand it.

Timeless lasted fourteen episodes and drew respectable – if not world-breaking – ratings, as a Monday diversion after NBC’s The Voice show.  But in the end, it too ended up on the cancellation heap.

Which was a bummer.  The show actually grew on me.  I might not have watched it when it aired live on Monday nights, but I always watched the rebroadcast on my Apple TV or on my NBC On Demand app.  As far as I was concerned, NBC made a mistake by cancelling Timeless (well, they also canceled the Game of Thrones-meets-Wizard of Oz mashup Emerald City, a show I totally hearted, so that’s two mistakes on NBC.

So what do you do when a really fun TV show that you enjoy gets cancelled?

Letter-writing campaign?

Social media outcry?

Shrug your shoulders and say, “Well, network television doesn’t know what they killed, I’m still waiting for Fox to bring back Firefly…”

Or you could do what NBC did three days later.

They un-cancelled Timeless.

Wait, what?

Yep… NBC commissioned a 10-episode second season for Timeless, to air as a midseason replacement or summer series.

In other words, the adventures of Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus as they pilot the Lifeboat in pursuit of Garcia Flynn and Emma in an effort to stop the machinations of the Rittenhouse Corporation … I can’t believe I just typed all that in one breath … is returning for ten more episodes.


This means that I can watch at least TWO NBC shows next year (I also loved the well-written comedy series The Good Place).  And even though I’m still kinda bummed that Emerald City didn’t get a renewal, at least I’ll take these television viewing victories where I can.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the show to air again.

Better check those TV Guide listings, Time Team… 😀