K-Chuck Radio: Making it on Promo CD’s

Long before the days when one could purchase songs through iTunes or add them to a Spotify playlist, one had to find purchaseable tracks through the pages of music collector magazines like Goldmine or Discoveries.  Those mags would be packed with advertisers offering rare records AND promo-only CD’s of current popular tracks.

And during the 1990’s, when I couldn’t get a popular song from the record store without purchasing the whole LP, or getting stuck with the song on a poorly-copied cassette single, I had to buy the songs on those promotional CD’s.  It’s how I made it through the 1990’s in music.

So on today’s K-Chuck Radio, I thought I’d share some of those 1990’s tracks with you.  Some you might remember, others I’m not so sure.  But I hope you enjoy all of them.  And let’s start with

On My Own

This one-hit wonder actually got played on Top 40 radio stations, and it was a very catchy track.  I don’t know much about Peach Union, other than they were only called “Peach Union” in America (“Peach” everywhere else).

No Tengo Dinero

The first time I heard this song, I was immediately smitten by their use of the classic “Never on Sunday” melody.  Of course, trying to explain this to your kid when we’re both in the car and this song comes on the radio is difficult.  “But Dad, what is it that you never do on Sunday?  Yard work?”

Female of the Species

Yeah, I kinda liked this song too.  And I had a “holy crap” moment when I heard a snippet of this song in the Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery movie.  Wow.

Lack of Water

Another group whose musical history completely escapes me … all I know about The Why Store is that they were huge in their hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Then again, in Fort Wayne, all you can do is watch Komets hockey games, so there’s that.

Absolutely Everybody

I think the first time I heard this song, I was stumbling around some international Internet radio station, and this song blasted through my speakers.  I didn’t have SoundHound or Shazam back then, so it took a crateload of Internet searches to find the song that matched up to the fragment of lyrics I could remember from this track.

It’s Up To You

Maybe they wanted to be the Bangles, maybe they wanted to be the Go-Go’s, I’m not sure.  But the Tuesdays did give us this piece of pop candy, so I’ll take that.


True story.  This group almost made it big in America – but they ran into some legal troubles based on their name.  Apparently the publishers of Archie Comics had a fit about a rock group called “The Veronicas…” what, were they expecting Veronica Lodge on keyboards, Betty Cooper on tambourine, and Jughead on drums?

The Wreckoning

Again, this is what happens when an artist comes up with a valid concept … has a Top 40 hit with it … and then we never hear from the Boomkat again.  Shame.  So much potential.  But better to be a one-hit wonder than a no-hit wonder…

And remember, for a while you couldn’t buy these tracks without purchasing the entire album … or going through music collector magazines and buying the promo CD’s that were only sent to radio stations.  Sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to get the best songs…

Right here on K-Chuck Radio!