The New Soda Crate Hope Chest (complete with how-to video)

A couple of weeks ago, I crafted a hope chest from old wooden Coca-Cola soda crates.  It was a fun project, and I had a great time bashing out the wood and re-assembling everything.

So much so, in fact, that I decided to build a second chest.  This chest will incorporate various other popular sodas in its construction.

Here’s what the final piece looks like.


But I imagine you’re wondering … well … so you built the chest, Chuck, but how did you do it?

Ah, my fellow blog readers, I’ve got ‘cha covered.  As I built this second chest, I filmed my progress … and edited the clips together as a special “how to” video.

Which is linked right here.

I figured that if I’m going to build a hope chest like this one – I should somehow chronicle its construction.

Hope you enjoy. 😀