My entries for Historic Albany Foundation’s BUILT 2017 auction are…

Last year, my plans for attending BUILT were completely derailed.  While my three entries in the 2016 charity art auction sold for very solid prices … I could not physically be at the event, as I was stuck in a hospital, suffering from broken bones in my foot.  Argh.

This year is different.  I don’t care if both my feet are broken, I will CRAWL to the annual BUILT charity auction for Historic Albany Foundation if that’s what it takes.

And, of course, I need to enter three pieces of artwork honoring Albany’s architecture and history to the event.

So I looked through all my photos and artworks and projects …

And since I am limited to a maximum of three artworks for submission…

Let these be my three artworks of submission.  They include:

“i’m a ghost of my former self …”

"I'm a ghost of my former self."

This picture was captured in Menands way back in 2012, at what was possibly an old Hess gas station.  Someone was very creative with their graffiti, for sure.  I captured the photo – it was later entered int an art exhibition for Assembly member Patricia Fahy’s display of architectural ruin and salvage.  I kept a copy of the print around … and now it’s time to offer it for BUILT.

My second artwork of submission is …


This seems to be the year that my Crate Art Project photos appear in charity shows.  This construct, where I turned an old Albany dairy milk crate into wall art, took an Honorable Mention ribbon at the New York State Fair last summer.  Now it’s time to see how my Crate Art Project pieces do at BUILT.

And finally… let me show off…


L-Ken’s animated sign.  Re-animated with EL wire and stained glass and wood inlays and wet transfer decals and mirrors and lots and lots of patience.

I submitted these three entries a couple of weeks ago, just in time for the entry deadline.  But now it’s a waiting game.  Waiting to hear if any or all of them have been accepted for the big event.

And you know that no matter what, I’ll be there to watch how they’re received, and whether they will receive any bids.

As that’s going on … you know I’m already contemplating ideas for BUILT 2018.

Of course I am.  I’m like that, don’tcha know…