Help out Mack Brin Farms if you can…

Last year, I photographed the San Clemente Island goats at Mack Brin Farms in Ballston SpaMack Brin Farms is one of a handful of farms in the United States that raises and preserves the San Clemente Island goat herd, of which barely 500 specimens exist today.  They do an excellent job and their farm is peaceful and happy.

That was until last Friday, when tragedy struck.

A fire tore through the main barn on the Mack Brin Farms property, destroying it and all its contents.  In fact, in order to save as many animals as possible, farm owner Jules Murray had to use her tractor to knock down one side of the burning barn so that animals inside could escape the blaze.

Unfortunately, lost in the fire were over 100 rabbits – and the main sire of their San Clemente Island goats, Chile.

Chile 2

This is painful on so many levels.  But if I know anything about Jules and Stu Murray and the Mack Brin Farms family, they will rebuild.  Without question, they will rebuild.

But if you are able to help …

Friends of Mack Brin Farms have set up a gofundme page for any and all donations.  Please consider donating if you can.

Mack Brin Farms also has a page on their website for purchasing food and hay from their farm.  You know you want to buy a dozen jumbo brown eggs that came straight from the hens that morning, don’t you?  Of course you do.

What I’m saying is … any help you can provide, no matter how big or small, would be truly appreciated and welcome.

Let’s help one of our neighbors out today, shall we?