A Unification Trivia Championship? Sweet mother of Jesus, yes yes yes…

The venues are still being set up.  The organizations are still partnering.

But if this happens…

Hell YES I’m participating.

This is going to be awesome.  Several of the Capital District’s premier trivia companies, including Trivia Nights Live, Memorama and Catch the Mania, will participate in an inter-promotional trivia tournament.  And there’s a $500 top prize for the top trivia team, as well as prize packs from sponsor Empire Brewing.

I so want to participate in this.  And if you’re a trivia team in our area, you should also consider participating.

Unification battles – whether they be in competitive team trivia competitions or wrestling matches or boxing championships – are fun.  Think about it.  How many times did you wonder if Hulk Hogan could have beaten Ric Flair if both were in their prime and both were in the same wrestling company?  (No question.  Flair would have broken Hogan’s leg with the Figure 4 leg lock every damn time).

And so we have a chance to see who can really handle the different trivia tournaments and formats in our area.

See, each trivia company plays their games in a different format.  And each format has its own strengths and its own challenges  Of course, no matter what the format, one must be able to tap into those brain cells and siphon out the answers for trivia minutiae.

So this ought to be fun.  And it’s a great way for trivia teams to test their skills – and to visit new bars and taverns, try the different drinks and food specials, and basically intermingle with the other trivia teams in the area.

More information as it becomes available.

But for now … let’s try this.  😀