While Passenger A27 was sleeping…

Caught a morning flight yesterday to travel to Washington State to see my son.  You know I brought several cameras with me for the trip…

But when it came to capturing a moment … I pulled out my BlackBerry PRIV and snagged this one.

From the wing. BlackBerry PRIV camera. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

But I shall explain.

I haven’t flown Southwest Airlines in a long time.  Not since the Flight From Hell in 2011.  So for me to get back in a plane – especially one from Southwest – I needed a damn good reason.

Visiting my son Kris was a damn good reason.

Of course, when one flies Southwest Airlines, one must be prepared for the inevitable cattle run of packing everybody in first come, first serve seating.  And through whatever algorithm Southwest uses to sort its boarding process, I was the second-to-last passenger to board the plane.

Yep.  Middle seat for me.

Kinda funny, though… the flight attendant announced to us as we boarded, “There are very few seats on this flight, it is a full flight, take whatever seat you can find, you never know, the person sitting next to you could be the new love of your life, we do serve alcohol on this flight, just in case…”

Ah, Southwest.  Classy as always.

The plane took off.  The passenger on my right was engrossed in some movie on his phone, the passenger on my left took a nap.

Oh man, and there’s some great views out his window.

Quick.  Is my BlackBerry PRIV set for Airplane Mode?  Yes it is.

Let’s see if I can get some “out the plane window” shots while he’s snoozing.

Eight Miles High. BlackBerry PRIV camera phone. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Of course, this is a tricky shot to snag.  Eventually I had to angle my body and the camera and my arms one way up, one way around, without bumping into my fellow passenger and waking him up.

Of course, once I got some decent window shots, I decided to get bold.

Let’s see what happens if I get the passenger and the window.

Passenger A27. BlackBerry PRIV camera phone. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.


Eventually Passenger A27 woke up, and I showed him some of the pictures frmo the flight.  He seemed impressed.  Or maybe he was being polite, I don’t know.

But it was nice to get a few shots in an unexpected location.

The first photo in this blog?  I might consider it as a second-level short pile entry for Competition Season 2018.

But the others … that’s just me having fun on a flight from Albany to Baltimore.

And on the flight from Baltimore to Seattle for the second and final leg of my journey…

Another middle seat.  And this time, the passenger between me and the window kept the shade closed the entire trip.


Oh well… I’ll take what I can get in moments like these.